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If you're happy, I'm happy!

The goals of creating MEL are to offer comfort, softness, high quality and color. So when women respond with such positive feedback on how soft and comfortable the sets are, then the mission is accomplished.

My everyday lingerie testimonial1.jpg

"I love the color.
And fits perfectly."

My everyday lingerie testimonial2.jpg

"It's super comfortable. It fits perfectly. I feel really good in it. It's very feminine." 🥰

My everyday lingerie testimonial3.jpg

"I love it!!" 🤩

My everyday lingerie testimonial4.jpg

"It'll be a hit! They are so beautiful! Real crush and the color is just WAW!" 🥰

My everyday lingerie testimonial5.jpg

"Superb packaging. Superb little set. The colors are magnificent. Very comfortable fabrics."

My everyday lingerie testimonial6.jpg

"I am lucky girl - huge fan! Feels so comfy and the colors I love love love it! 🥰 Even the packaging is so cute."

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