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 Organic cotton 

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 No underwire 

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 Color splash 

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 Ultra soft 

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 No itchy tag 

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 Fair trade 

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 Microfibres free 

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 100% comfort 

Ethical organic cotton underwear

Our products are made with certified Fairtade-cotton and also GOTS-certified organic cotton from India.

What that means is, you'll be wearing lingerie without chemicals. The environment improves by eliminating the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Bio diversity increases and groundwater will not be polluted. Lung disease caused by the improper use of pesticides are also avoided. Raw cotton and all production steps are screened by an independent organisation following the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).


High subsidies in western countries keep cotton prices often below production cost. To improve the situation for the cotton farmers in India, the Fairtrade organisation sets a minimum price that covers the costs and living expenses of the rural farmers.

They also add a premium for improving the life of the farmer's community. The guidelines for Fairtrade are checked regularly by FLO. If you are buying Fair trade certified cotton you pay a premium, but you also get something back: handpicked cotton from above average quality - Fairtrade you can feel! And feel it in your M.E.L sets!


The Founder

​Life has a magical way of giving you indications to show you the right direction through different experiences. In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the operation I realised I didn't have many comfortable cotton bras with no underwire or itchy stiches. You already go through so much pain you want to be able to fit into comfort and fun. I did find comfortable bralettes but they all looked so dull and boring. Most were quite expensive as well. That is how I came to creating my own affordable, safe, light and colorful underwear design set.​

M.E.L was created after my second breast cancer diagnostic giving me even more courage to transform my wishes into reality. I am so pleased to be able to share my piece of comfort and fun to women who are looking for what I was! Enjoy! 


Melanie Gontier

Founder & Designer

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